Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's that time of year again!

I can't believe we are on the count down for Christmas! We've been busy which is good, but I feel like I haven't had time to slow down and totally enjoy the season. We had our Torgerson family party this last weekend & I just had to post these pics of our boys w/ Santa. (Thanks Aunt Kaye for snapping these cute pics. :) ) Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year & finding time to remember the importance of Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~ Fall Fun ~

I'm a lil bit behind... but I wanted to document a few things anyhow. This post consists of the end of October - the first part of November...
We have been staying very busy! We enjoyed taking a trip down to Utah to watch my brother Wyatt in the Wilderness Circuit Finals. One night at the Finals they made it a free ticket for the children if they wore there costumes. Hazen loved that! Also while down there we were able to visit w/ my Grandma Waldine. She got to meet Kruze for the first time. :) It ended up being somewhat of a sad trip for Hazen. He's been very into Toy Story, & has a few of the characters, well while at Grandma's he left his "Woody" there & Grandma has been unable to find him! Hazen is now determined that "Santa" will bring him a "Woody" & a "Buzz". Over the past few weeks we were also able to celebrate my 28th birthday. Doug had a blast getting me a cake & filling it w/ too many candles. (He put about double the amount on.) We also spent time helping Doug's family gather their cows in Humphrey. I love it up there & was even more excited that I got to help gather on back of a horse because my mother in law was kind enough to watch my boys. Thanks RENAY! All in all things have been going really well for us & we are just gearing up for the winter weather Idaho has in store... (more stories to follow) :)
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kruze's Blessing Day.

What a great day! :) We were so happy to be able to have our child blessed & able to share this wonderful day with family and friends. Doug did a wonderful job! I still can't believe we have two boys. It is awesome & I'm loving every minute of it. Here are a few pictures of the day. Both Grandpas with the baby, & Kruze & his cousin Kooper who was born just one week and two days after Kruze. Aren't they cute?! :) I wanted a family picture but we didn't get one. Oh well, I'm still not wanting pictures of myself at this point anyway! LOL. In due time... I'm just going to be grateful I have two beautiful boys, & hopefully I'll be back to normal someday. Also, we are proud to report that Kruze had a well check today & is now up to 12 lbs. He's put on almost 4 lbs. since his surgery just over a month ago. We are just so grateful for all our many blessings.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Motherly Instinct....

Just over a week ago... (9/16/10) our little Kruze had to undergo emergency surgery at 29 days old for...
Pyloric Stenosis-

A narrowing of the outlet from the stomach to the small intestine (called the pylorus) that occurs in infants.

It was such a sad thing to see but he is now doing so good & will hopefully be a very chunky lil monkey soon. :) I first noticed that Kruze's eating & spitting up... aka (projectile vomiting) was very abnormal at about 2 weeks of age. I had mentioned it to the pediatrician at his two week appointment & I was told that it was most likely reflux that it was very common in babies. I left the appointment somewhat at ease & figured we'd deal with it, but was still unsure as to the problem. Feeling frustrated a few days after dealing with nursing the poor guy & using a towel to lay across us each time knowing it was coming back up, I decided to try to look into what may be causing the problem. The first thing I turned to was the nursing pamphlet they hand out to you when you leave the hospital. I turned to the section discussing reflux & vomiting & read the part that talks about pyloric stenosis. It said, "When a baby continues vomiting forcefully after most feedings, you should suspect that either he is sensitive to something in your diet or he has a pyloric stenosis. Pyloric stenosis is an obstruction of the stomach that typically develops at about two to four weeks of age. Although the condition is most common in first-born males, it can occur in females. Typically the vomiting becomes progressively worse; the baby eventually stops gaining weight, or loses weight, and my become dehydrated. In the breastfed infant the condition my go undiagnosed longer than in a bottle-fed infant, since breast milk is digested much more easily than formula. The baby's weight may not be affected until the obstruction becomes nearly complete. Frequently waves can be seen moving across the baby's lower abdomen from the left side to the right just after feeding and prior to vomit ting. X-rays confirm the diagnosis. The obstruction is corrected with a relatively simple surgical procedure."
Just after reading this my visiting teaching partner calls me, & I'm trying not to bawl... I just knew that Kruze had more than reflux, but because I was trying not to be a paranoid mother & I pushed it to the back of my mind... until it continued to happen more & more often, getting worse each time. Until, the time my sister saw it happen almost two weeks after I had read in the booklet & she said, "Kens that's more than just reflux, get him to the Dr. tomorrow." It was too late to make an appointment that night so I had to make an appointment the next morning. We ended up seeing the pediatrician that next afternoon (9/15/10), & the Dr. was still unsure about what was going on. He still thought it was reflux but I asked him about the pyloric stenosis. He said it possibly could be but that was hard to diagnosis but he'd get an X-ray scheduled at the hospital. The next available time for that wasn't until the next morning (9/16/10) at 8 am. We planned for that and then the Dr. also informed me that Kruze couldn't eat for 4 hours before the X-ray. I thought to myself... "This is gonna be a LONG night."... Later that evening we had dinner with some friends and afterwards Doug & our friend Adam administered a blessing on Kruze. Can I just say how peaceful & happy Kruze was all night long. I didn't get to feed him anymore after 12:30 because he slept until 4:50 that morning. I gave him his pacifier and he slept until about 7:30 and did awesome! :) He's such a sweet boy. I was so grateful that Doug was willing & able to give our little boy a blessing & I know what a difference it made. The priesthood is amazing! We were at the hospital just before 8 and they didn't see until about 8:45, all the while Kruze continued to sleep. By 9:10 the radiologist had made his diagnosis... Kruze had pyloric stenosis & had to undergo surgery. It was pretty heart wrenching watching our little one get poked & prodded with needles n such but as soon as we found out that our neighbor & close friend Rob was performing the surgery all uneasy feelings went out the door... we knew then that he was in GREAT hands. :) This surgery consisted of one small incision on the right side of the abdomen & then making one slit through the muscle (the pylorus) so that Kruze's food could then pass through to the small intestine. At 12:30 p.m. they wheeled little Kruze into surgery, & at about 1:30-1:45 p.m. he was out of surgery & then admitted into the NICU to be monitored & cared for. He spent one whole night & almost two full days in the NICU. We are now glad to report that Kruze is home, keeping his food down, happy, healthy, & doing well! We love him so much & we are happy he's apart of our lives. :)

Beaver Dick Park

So last monday I hooked up the bike trailer & took the boys for a spin down the road to Beaver Dick Park. It was such a beautiful day that I decided we needed to take full advantage of it. :) We packed up a lunch & hit the road. It wasn't a bad bike ride, & it didn't take much time at all. When we got there Hazen told me that we needed to take pictures so we attempted to take one of all three of us, but as you can tell it took us 6 tries to get us all in the picture. It was a fun afternoon & a good way for me to get my exercise & for all of us to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine. :) Hazen had a blast playing on the toys & taking pictures off of my lil camera. It was a good day.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NeW bAbY!!!!

Kruze F. Torgerson

weight: 8.4
length: 20 1/2 inches

Born 08/18/2010 @ 5:17 P.M.
Kruze has finally joined our family! He is a very happy baby & we are SO happy to have him in our lives. Hazen has been very excited to be a big brother & the transition has actually been very Very good. ( I thought it was going to be much harder.) Hazen is having a wonderful time being the "big brother" and takes on the role w/a very serious attitude. We are so grateful to everyone for all of their thoughtfulness & all the prayers & support of everyone. After all the hours of labor is over, it's all good, we are all happy, & we are just glad to have him here safe & sound.
These pictures include the hospital pics, & the first day home from the hospital... even more pictures to come... they just change so quickly. :)

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Hello everyone... so I changed my blog to private pretty drastically, but I've had several people ask me if I have had my baby and to post pictures... SO... I'm giving all of you the option to be added to my blog if you'd like to follow. Please leave your email addresses so I can add you. Also, new pictures of the new baby to follow. Thanks. :)